Australian Pelicans

We were watching the sunset one evening on a beach in Perth, and suddenly I realised that the people fishing in the evening were being observed by some very large birds!  We don’t see Pelicans in England, apart from in Zoos, so it was great to see them in the wild

PelicanIn fact any time they caught a fish the pelican would rush over and ask for it!  Sometimes they were lucky..

Large, but fast moving when a fish is in question

Large, but fast moving when a fish is in question

Showing off his large throat pouch

Showing off his large throat pouch

Here’s some more, click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size picture.

Having seen them once, we then started seeing them everywhere!

Flying Pelicans

Flying Pelicans

Pelican at Penguin Island

Pelican at Penguin Island


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About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel, Lilly Plankton our cat & Myrtle our tortoise
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14 Responses to Australian Pelicans

  1. Great photos of interesting birds!

  2. Grannymar says:

    These are terrific, Barbara. I know you said you took over 7000 photos. How many cards did you fill and what size were they?

    • Barbara says:

      LOL…a few.. I filled one 4GB, one 8GB one 16GB and I half filled another 16GB card. Luckily for me memory cards are getting cheaper! Since i’ve got home I’ve bought myself another 1000GB hard drive to back them all up on!…. the process has started…. it says 6 hours remaining!

    • Barbara says:

      (but that’s not just my holiday photos, that’s all my photos that I have in digital form!)

    • Barbara says:

      PS the photos on here are much lower resolution than the originals… i was filling up my WP storage space far too quickly! The originals could be printed on A2 paper!

      • Grannymar says:

        I know someone who is going to Kenya for a year and wants to start a blog about time there. Thus my questions. Another question, this time from me: Do the cards wear out? I have the original 4 GB and an 8 GB that no longer seem to work. I recently bought a 16 GB one. Can the old ones be reformatted or do I dispose of them?

        • Barbara says:

          for blog posts the photos definitely don’t have to take up so much space on the cards. Memory cards are incredibly fragile, and dust can wreck them, so I would recommend taking a few lower capacity ones and then a portable hard drive to back them up on when possible.

          Humidity damages them too, so investing in some of those dehumidifying sachets for the camera bag might be a good idea… or just collect them from all the parcels that they come in!

          Re your ones, try reformatting them from the camera, sometimes that works. They can get upset sometimes if you delete photos from them on the computer rather than via the camera as the camera still sees ‘shadows’ of the old files and thinks they are still there, but can’t delete them itself either, so the card gets full. If the camera gets too confused too often it sometimes gives up on the card. If there’s any dust in your SD slot in your computer or camera that will destroy them too. Then try reformatting via the computer. after that I’m not sure. We’ve had a few get corrupted on us over the years, I always keep them in their little boxes now & check the card slot for dust from time to time

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