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I am Delicate; I have neuralgia, also known as prosopalgia, the suicide disease

I am delicate That is when I am not in complete agony Initially my doctor thought I had sinusitis, which i am prone to since i have had hay-fever since childhood and a recent MRI scan highlighted that my right … Continue reading

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Fit Mum? I’m becoming one

Finally after 15 years I have decided I need to do something about my bum, tum & thighs! Years of working or studying have finally taken their toll and I am seriously unfit! I tried a few years back to … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia I wake up, but I’m not awake, or at least I wish I wasn’t. I should have known it would hit me again soon. PAIN!!! I can’t think! I need painkillers, but I can’t move. I can’t even work … Continue reading

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