Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

On our first day in Queenstown, New Zealand, we climbed 500m of Ben Lomond the Mountain which rises behind Queenstown, with the intention of taking the Gondola down again!

View from 500m up Ben Lomomd

View from 500m up Ben Lomomd

The view from the top is of Queesntown, Lake Wakitipu, and of  ‘The Remarkables’ an imposing range of mountains featured in The Lord of the Rings as the slopes of Dimrill Dale, which Aragorn leads he fellowship to Lothlorien after the Mines of Moria.

Having climbed 500m up, we decided to reward ourselves with some delicious cake… and a walk back down!  We did get fit in New Zealand!!

Next time we are there we have promised ourselves a trip on the Gondola.  Not however for the reasons that Peter’s son Damien & his girlfriend use it!  They take a trip up the Gondola with their Mountain Bikes, before riding down a 600m drop on purpose built forested cycle tracks back to town! Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Colouring PencilsThis week’s Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to consider Cover Art:  Take your favourite album, book, magazine, or show and choose the image that best represents the selected work.

What is my favourite book?

It’s hard to decide what are my top 10 favourite books let alone my favourite!

One that regularly pops to the top of my list is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig  I don’t have a good motorbike picture, but I do have a picture of a lovely vase I saw in the art gallery of Norwich University last weekend

BlueI have no idea why this picture fits, but it feels like it does.  maybe it’s because I love the blue colour so much?

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Monochrome Madness, a Photography Challenge from Leanne Cole

Leanne has set up a really popular Photo Challenge, already in week 35, and I joined it a few weeks ago by sending her my photo, but I forgot to do a post about it too!  Silly me.

I’ve been doing a photography class, and I have been challenged to step out of Auto and experiment with my camera.  Black and white, long exposures, portraits, fine art…. all photographs that I am less likely to take… I like landscapes

The last 3 weeks we were working on portraits, indoor and out, and our challenge this week was to prepare a self portrait (NOT a selfie!) in black and white with some red in it

A good few people in the class have sat or stood in front of the camera… but I’m not good at staying still, so here’s my homework submission:

I got up very early to take this photo so nobody would see my antics…. the out-takes would make a very funny gallery 🙂  I’m wearing my graduation dress with my wedding underskirt, and was doing barefoot twirls… I started doing cartwheels, but I got tired too quickly before I worked out my positioning so had to change to twirling instead!

I will be submitting this one for my homework….. which one should I send to Leanne?



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My Photo won me some tickets on the London Eye!

I entered the Totally Thames Photo Competition with this photo & I won one of the runner-up prizes 🙂

Canoeing on the Thames

Canoeing on the Thames at Sunset  (F2.8, ss 1/250, ISO 640)

I liked this one for the reflections on the water.  I’m very Chuffed!

Here is the link to the website:  Totally Thames Photo Competition

The London Eye

I forgot! This is the London Eye 🙂 not everyone will know that, sorry.  Looking forward to taking some good photos from the top

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction


I have posted this photo before, but when I went to look for it, the photo is not the same version.  I took this picture through a car window in a downpour so heavy I wouldn’t even open the window! Continue reading

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Another type of ‘Dreamy’

Peter & WilsonAny excuse to include a picture of Wilson! This Week’s Photo Challenge; Dreamy

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

I’ve only just learned how to do this on my camera…. take a photo of running water and make it look all steamy and blurred!

A small waterfall at Silent Pool near Guildford

A small waterfall at Silent Pool near Guildford (F5, ISO 100, SS 0.5 sec)

On Auto, my camera would have taken a very clear picture of the water at a high shutter speed and every drop would have been in high definition.  I wanted to learn how to take a photo where the water is blurred, but I’ve been scared to put my camera into ‘Manual’ mode and work out what I needed to do! Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

I posted a sign from New Zealand before: Weekly Photo Challenge; Letters

Here are some more I found there for this week’s photo challenge.

I expect that they sell good fruit

I expect that they sell good fruit

Continue reading

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Womb cancer: the most common diagnosis you’ve never heard of

An article from The Guardian, on Sunday 21 September 2014 by Daloni Carlisle

Womb cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women, yet there is very little awareness about it. One woman who was diagnosed with the disease last year explains the symptoms and treatment options

Daloni CarlislePhotograph: Martin Godwin/Guardian

You would be hard-pressed to slip a cigarette paper between my half-sister and me. Both aged about 50, both a healthy weight and both pretty fit. Last winter our periods went a bit haywire, and we each reluctantly approached our GPs with questions about the menopause and fibroids. My half-sister needed a D&C (a minor surgical procedure to remove tissue from the lining of the womb). I was diagnosed with locally advanced cancer of the womb. Continue reading

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25 Days for Daloni – September 18th… Oops!

I was collecting some jokes for my friends sister Daloni.  The reason why is on my post for September the 1st

I stopped for a few days as I felt like I might be overloading them!  They didn’t exactly say ‘Stop little porridge pot, Stop!’ but maybe they’d forgotten what it was they needed to say?

Also I’ve been run off my feet.  My younger daughter is going to university next year, and we have been driving all over the country visiting different university open days!  Luckily she will submit the UCAS application shortly & we will get a short break!

I feel utterly exhausted, but I guess that’s just my ME & my sinuses which are really acting up at the moment.  I have another operation on the 28th of October & I am NOT looking forward to that as it will be more invasive than the last one 😦

I haven’t had a chance to look at my photos for ages, but I have been taking loads, so maybe I’ll be able to post a few soon, especially from some of the universities that we have visited!  I had planned on doing some posts over the summer about what I learned during my photography lessons during last term, but the new term starts next week!  Where does time go??

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