Fit Mum? I’m becoming one

Finally after 15 years I have decided I need to do something about my bum, tum & thighs! Years of working or studying have finally taken their toll and I am seriously unfit!

I tried a few years back to get back to my old level of fitness by joining  Walton Athletics Club but I was far too out of condition to keep up with the training of the sprinters or the long distance runners.  I also didn’t understand my Fibromyalgia at all and didn’t realise that chronic fatigue was a big symptom of my condition.  I was shocked to find myself utterly exhausted 2 or 3 days after a training session and unable to face another one!

Aged 31 I had managed to go from smoking 60 cigarettes a day and not having done any exercise or sport in 7 years to train myself to be able to run a distance of 7 miles in just over an hour.  I was gutted then just a few years later to find myself so utterly unable to get my fitness back at all.  This experience so demotivated me that I have been becoming less and less fit over the years since then, in fear of over exhausting myself again.

During this time I did do some yoga for over a year which I found excellent for combating a lot of the pain I was experiencing, but again the sessions utterly exhausted me, but I so loved the lack of pain I used to make yoga the central activity of the day and sleep afterwards if necessary.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay off work forever and I just couldn’t manage yoga and work, so  I stopped exercising once again.  Just recently I saw an article about a running group supported by Sally Gunnell and sponsored by Run England aimed particularly at complete beginners which is what I really feel I am now!

I tried doing a few runs with Charlotte but only managed 2.25 miles, so my expectations of myself were not too high! I looked on the Internet for local Run England groups, but the nearest group was a club called Run4Mum.  I sent them an email just to see if they would take me considering my ‘baby’ is now nearly 16 and not willing to join in the buggies’ run and I went along tonight for my first session.

They were really welcoming and I was impressed how many came along, especially considering the torrential rain we have experienced over the last 2 days!  There were about 16 other women there, and they were all apart from one, fitter than me :(.  Oh we’ll, onwards and upwards!

I had a great evening, a hard workout that utterly exhausted me, and I am looking forward to going again on Friday morning to see how I cope with the running as opposed to the circuit training!!

About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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5 Responses to Fit Mum? I’m becoming one

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  4. Al says:

    I know how frustrating this is. For 25 years I was a runner and ran in several 10k’s, 10-milers and half marathons. Finally the pain in my back said “no more.” Turns out I had Spondylolisthesis . Thankfully, I can walk without pain so I still do 3-4 miles everyday. Not in nearly the shape I would like though.


    • Barbara says:

      Peter did a few marathons too, but can’t run anymore because of his back. He has taken up cycling, but you have to go so much further to get the same effect, and with Wilson we have to find cycle routes far from roads. We are lucky to live beside the river which has a tow path the whole length, but we do get bored of cycling the same routes.

      I am hoping I will be able to join the mums again in a while, once I have recovered from this op fully.

      3-4 miles a day is good. My dad does the same, he had some stents put in a few years ago the need for which was scary, so he is keen to keep active now to protect his heart


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