My Top 25 Movies

While exploring people’s blogs & entering lots of different weekly photo challenge posts, I’ve discovered many people whose pages are really interesting & whose ‘about me‘s’ have caught my attention. When I read somebody’s blog and I see that they seem to have a similar philosophy of life to me, I often follow them.

One such blogger was Jo @ Chronicles of Illusions (I especially like people who use their own names). She added subsections to her ‘about me’ page telling us 100 things about herself. She then added 3 more pages with 20 more things each! I thought they were a brilliant idea, and a really good way to get a snapshot diary of Jo’s life. I could almost imagine the fading Polaroid photos of the different events in her life. Some of them were quite harrowing, others funny, but after the first 100 I was left wanting even more, so was relieved to have noticed that there were another 60 to come…

Once I finished her next 60, I thought I would read a bit more about Jo and chanced upon a post entitled ‘Another update about me‘ so happily I jumped in 🙂 The subtitle was ‘My 25 favourite movies of all time’ so far so good…. but then my heart dropped. Her number 1, all time favourite movie, was Dirty Dancing!!

Dirty Dancing is possibly my LEAST favourite movie of all time, and Patrick Swazye was probably one of my all time least favourite actors!

How can someone who has written such beautiful blogs & posts about herself have such terrible taste in films!! We only agree on two: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Secondhand Lions, and neither of those would be on my list of my top 25, although I do watch the Rocky Horror on a regular basis with my children 🙂

So, of course, Jo has thrown down the gauntlet! ‘Well missy, what are your top 25 all time favourite films?’

Oh help. I’m never good at picking favourites!!

Luckily my youngest daughter is planning on taking ‘Film Studies’ in College & has spent this summer watching a collection of ‘everyone’s all time favourite movies’ or everyone’s ‘You MUST watch films…. and she has written them all down! Lots of the suggestions were from me….. so I should be able to come up with 25……

So here they are; in no particular order, and almost definitely subject to revision at some later date!

  1. Magnolia
  2. Angel Heart
  3. Blue Velvet
  4. Brazil
  5. A Life Less Ordinary
  6. Underground
  7. Michael
  8. Wild at Heart
  9. Life is Beautiful (La Vita è Bella)
  10. Meet Joe Black
  11. Seven Years in Tibet
  12. Silkwood
  13. The Shining
  14. The Sixth Sense
  15. The Deer Hunter
  16. Apocalypse Now
  17. Fried Green Tomatoes
  18. The Green Mile
  19. American Beauty
  20. True Romance
  21. Sea of Love
  22. Nill By Mouth
  23. Midnight Cowboy
  24. Pulp Fiction
  25. The Commitments
  26. Reservoir Dogs
  27. K-PAX
  28. The Usual Suspects
  29. Vanilla Sky
  30. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
  31. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  32. Se7en
  33. Léon


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Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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9 Responses to My Top 25 Movies

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    Okay – I’ll admit there are a few on the list that would make it in to my top 100. Anything by Quentin Tarantino is a goodie. Micheal, Meet Joe Black [one of Pitt’s most under-rated films I think], Se7en, Fried Green Tomatoes [the book is amazing as well], The Green Mile, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…all very good choices. I think you have a thing for Robert De Niro though…hehehehe. have you seen ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ ??? Brilliant, brilliant movie. But seriously – Vanilla Sky. Terrible movie. My least favourite Cruise film and I like the guy [as an actor – he is still a bit weird]. And I am sorry…but there is NOT one Costner movie in there…not good, not good at all. The Rose, Blow, Bobby, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Casablanca, Chocolat, Crazy Heart, Milk, Death at a Funeral [the British version], Good Will Hunting, Moneyball, Paul, Stepmom, White Oleander…these all make my top 100. I might have to do a bottom 25, now you’ve started something.


  2. Barbara says:

    lol…. its so hard… hence the 33 as opposed to 25! I agree about the actors/directors thing too… That was how I remembered Meet Joe Black 🙂 (how could I not have a film with Brad Pitt in my Top 25!)

    As I was looking for the photos for my slideshow I noticed the same actors coming up again and again (eg Robert De Niro) so I am planning making a list of all these films with their lead actors and directors to see who comes up regularly…. I am sure there is a trend!

    I will have to look up Kevin Costner films as I agree… there should be one! I do love Dances With Wolves…. but top 25? / 34? (come back shortly for an update!)

    I do LIKE lots of your top 25, and SOME of the others you have listed… but they don’t make my top 25! And some of your top 25 I really do not like!!

    And finally Vanilla Sky, i love it because it is so mad, you don’t know whether what Cruise is seeing is real or not, I love it…. But then I am a bit mad myself & I do love films that illustrate what my dreams are like! It makes me feel sane to realise that somebody else out there has a head that sometimes sees things as crazily as I do!!

    I agree… I think we have started something…..


  3. grannymar says:

    Quite a few of those movies that I am not familiar with. Now the Commitments is in a class of its own, I don’t think you read what I wrote about it. Go on click the link.


    • Barbara says:

      Some of the films are really not suitable for children or their parents… but some of them are really lovely! I will be expanding this post over time to include some comments about each film & why it made it to my top 34….. (and counting) and then I will probably repost it to a page in my growing ‘draft folder’ of ‘My Favourite…..’

      Watch this space

      Do people get notified about new Pages, or just posts?


  4. grannymar says:

    We are notified about new posts and not pages.


  5. Al says:

    I’ve already commented on your movies choices. We have very similar tastes….I would watch any of these again (especially the real butt-kickers). The one difference (here again, it’s probably a guy thing) is that I also like the silly slapstick kind. For example, Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun, Dumb and Dumber, etc. My wife just cringes and heads to the other TV.


    • Barbara says:

      Definitely a guy thing :). I do the same as Patty when Peter puts on one of those!

      I copied this post to my pages as promised once I got a ‘my favourite’ tab going


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