The death of Sir Patrick Moore

I love the illustration of Patrick Moore in this obituary, portrays him perfectly, the man we all believed would always be there, with his monocle & his telescope. We are all stardust, he is now with them

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Patrick Moore‘s death should surely be marked globally, because it is the passing of a man who as an amateur had a greater impact in his field – specifically planetary astronomy – than many professionals. Are there any others left in pure science who can claim that?

Patrick Moore is most likely to be remembered in Britain as an eccentric populariser of astronomy, and as the presenter of the world’s longest running television programme, the monthly “The Sky at Night”. And he certainly achieved greatness as a populariser.

But his contributions to science should not be forgotten. His earlier claim to be the discoverer of Mare Orientale was mistaken – as Moore himself appeared to recognise later in life – but his contribution to the mapping and understanding of the Moon in the pre-space flight age was a real one. Indeed NASA are reported to have used his charts.

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5 Responses to The death of Sir Patrick Moore

  1. Grannymar says:

    You forgot the Xylophone He taught himself you know.


    • Barbara says:

      I did indeed. I reblogged (spell-checker suggests waterlogged!) this post as I thought ‘Cartesian Product’ wrote a good article, but as you say, his Xylophone was brilliant. I’m sure I saw him on Blue Peter playing it


  2. Al says:

    We lose so much when we lose people like Patrick Moore and Carl Sagan. They decipher the indecipherable and bring it to the masses.


    • Barbara says:

      Yes, and Richard Feynman. Have you seen much of Professor Brian Cox, he is the new science hero over here…. Translating particle physics into English for the masses (unfortunately particle physics is very unstable at large masses so they don’t understand it for long…. But hey ho, he tries )


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