Olympics 2012 London Cycling

The first real impact of having the Olympics staged in London 2012 for us, was when they decided the routes of the cycling time trials and road races, and both the races were to be through where we live.

In late 2010 roadworks that were long long overdue started being done on select sections of roads, but other often busier roads much worse damage were being left in a poor state of repair.  In 2011 all became clear, the route for the time trials were released, and all the recently repaired roads were on the route

Trial runs were done in 2011, and then final preparations were made. As the torch began its tour of the country, the reality of the actual Olympics being held in our city in our lifetime began to sink in. The route of the cycling time trials was decorated with cycling related symbols, and many of the roundabouts had great sculptures or flower designs placed in them. Flags for London 2012 and Inspire a Generation adorned the route.

On a few of the roundabouts nearest our home some beautiful decorated bicycles were covered with flowers and made a great impression driving by. After the Olympics they were removed, and I wondered where they went

Today I found them while visiting the council offices in Esher. My favourite is the yellow one decorated by Molesey Community Centre, but I also Love Sunflowers 🙂 it must be something about yellow flowers, they make me happy!

Molesey Community Centry







Molesey Community Centry

Which is your favourite?

My first Transportation post, also about Bicycles 🙂

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  1. Grannymar says:

    The colour of the Walton Bike are more to my liking.


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