A well earned day off :-)

Having completely industrially cleaned my living room and hallway yesterday, re-arranged the whole place, and then helped Peter start our MASSIVE garden project, we decided we needed a day off 🙂

The house is looking much better, the garden has been transformed, we had a huge bonfire & got rid of loads and loads of junk & weeds & brambles. We fixed the fence between our house and the soon to be re-occupied council house next door. (when we moved her we had amazing neighbours, Dorris aged 78 & Gordon aged 80. Gordon died earlier this year at the ripe old age of 92 & Dorris’s family have put her in a home. She was very sad and lonely without Gordon, so hopefully she will be happier there. They were married during the war aged 18 & 22, and had been together since Dorris was 14!! Will find a photo & tell what I know of their story on here sometime soon. They have a nice 3 bed house with a garden, so we are expecting a young family. Maybe some babysitting for the girls? Who knows.

Today summer has finally arrived! We have come down to our boat which was moored on a buoy in Langstone Sailing Club, and we have moved her to Emsworth Marina, probably for the rest of the summer so we can have more access.

Sitting on deck, sunbathing, listening to the tinkle of masts & the birds & ducks all around us. About to set off for a long walk back to Langstone Bridge shortly to collect the car along the foreshore 🙂 Just wish I could find my camera!! Oh well, if there is anything amazing to photograph I will have to have a go with my phone.

This one of the boat I took with my iPad


About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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8 Responses to A well earned day off :-)

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  2. Al says:

    What is a council house? Love the boat. If you and Peter ever sail over to the Chesapeake Bay, let us know, we’ll have you in for tea.


    • Barbara says:


      Now I have to go do some research to find when the first council houses were built! I think it was after the blitz, lots of people were homeless so the government built lots of houses for them. The rent has always been affordable, and they still build them for the poorest in our society. In the 60’s they created a load of ghettos by building tower blocks and filling them with people on the breadline.

      Now they are trying to get rid of the high rises and build mixed housing instead with some council and some commercial houses in the same development.

      My road was built just after the war, so the houses are well built and have nice big gardens. A load of them got sold in the Margaret Thatcher Era (another reason conservatism & capatilism are not my favourite policies) The tenants were able to buy the houses at a fraction of their value and they were allowed sell them after 3 years. This caused the housing bubble of the end of the 80’s and the crash of the 90’s. this is also why there is a housing shortage now of affordable housing here.


  3. Arty says:

    did you sell your boat to a guy called Graham?


      • Arty says:

        How interesting!! I have just looked at your old boat and had a chat with Graham, and i thought it would be a great boat for me to start. I have just offered him his asking price and he has accepted. I also met the guys at langstone sailing club and they have offered me membership there so i thought it would be a great start for me!!


      • arty says:

        any faults or weaknesses that i should look out for on the boat? im a first time owner. Thanks.


        • Barbara says:

          Nothing I can think of! We sold it quite a while ago, we’re still very much novice sailors too. We just couldn’t get enough time to spend on her so decided to get a smaller yacht and a river boat. My husband would love to have her back!


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