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A video of Myrtle

Following on from my photo of Myrtle eating a strawberry for Michelle’s weekly pet challenge a few weeks ago, a few of you asked for a video of Myrtle!  Here is a short video I took today of Myrtle in … Continue reading

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Myrtle and a Strawberry

I’m running a bit late with my challenges this week, I’ve been busy, and so has Myrtle!  She even spent a few days in the garden, although we had to take her in again as it has been colder and … Continue reading

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Weekly Pet Challenge

For this week’s Weekly Pet Challenge here’s a picture of Myrtle when she was a few months old!  I don’t think she would fit in that lid any more, and I don’t think Lilly would get as close these days!

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Weekly Pet Challenge

This week Myrtle wanted to feature in Michelle’s weekly pet challenge so she started with her party trick… Stealing Wilson’s food!

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Spring has made it to my Garden!

Last week we had a couple of days where the temperature topped 20°C, and the flowers that had almost given up burst into blossom Even Myrtle got a chance to explore the garden for the first time this year.  This … Continue reading

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While Wilson’s away… Lilly-Plankton (the cat) will play!

It has been very difficult for me to photograph our cat Lilly-Plankton since we got Wilson.  To be honest, it has always been difficult to photograph her always because she looks more like a Lilly-Plankton shaped hole in the universe … Continue reading

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Shoes – The perfect antidote to a rainy Wednesday

This is my second post about shoes If you have read my first post : Shoes – The perfect antidote to a rainy Monday, you will probably not believe what I am about to write… My other favourite shoes are … Continue reading

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I don’t want to hibernate said the little tortoise

Well… she’s not exactly little! My Tortoise (Myrtle) A Greek spur thighed tortoise does NOT want to hibernate! She is about 5½ years old 23cm long and 2.386kg !  When I got her she weighed 112g and was just over … Continue reading

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Myrtle, Wilson, Peter, and a Tennis ball

Myrtle, Wilson, Peter, and a Tennis ball

All happily reunited in the garden

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A well earned day off :-)

Having completely industrially cleaned my living room and hallway yesterday, re-arranged the whole place, and then helped Peter start our MASSIVE garden project, we decided we needed a day off 🙂 The house is looking much better, the garden has … Continue reading

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