Nick Danagher


Yesterday I went to Nick’s funeral.  I felt an immense sense of pride that I had gotten to know Nick over the last 6½ years and was able to be a part of the celebration of his life and sadness over his sudden death.

I’m not sure what to write, except that today Nick you are in my thoughts, and the thoughts of the many many others who attended your farewell yesterday.

The Brittle Bone Society Obituary for Nick

DPAC Obituary for Nick

Surrey Coalition for Disabled people Obituary for Nick

DWP Obituary

Welsh Disability Forum Obituary

Disability Rights UK Obituary

European Network on Independent Living

South East network of Disabled People’s Organisations

United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council

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4 Responses to Nick Danagher

  1. elisney says:

    I think I saw you yesterday but thanks for this – I am sure he would have been touched by the turn out to his farewell do.


  2. Barbara says:

    Elisney, it was so wonderful to pull up at the crematorium and realise they had set aside a whole field for us.

    Judging from the huge volume of comments on his Facebook page I guessed it was going to be a big turn out, but I expect he was bursting with pride looking at us all there missing him. I just added a few of the nice obituaries I found to the end of my blog, as I have realised since he died that there were so many facets to Nick and the amount of work he did, that I couldn’t come close to touching on them let alone expressing how important he was to all of these different organisations.

    I feel privileged to have known him


  3. Al says:

    What a nice tribute to an amazing human being. Everyone has gifts. Everyone.


    • Barbara says:

      Nick was amazing, and had such a fantastic sense of humour. We knew he wouldn’t have a great lifespan, I think he had outlived his life expectancy by years, but it was an awful shock when he died, it was really sudden, he wasn’t ill, just had a massive heart attack & multiple strokes without any warning.
      It’s lovely that you are reading my old posts, it was great to see his grinning face again :). Thank you


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