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Happy New Year

These words are how I try to start every day, using the word God as I chose to understand it, and so what better way to start a new year. ♥¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪ Happy New Year to all our followers and Visitors … Continue reading

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Life, by the Dalai Lama (Actually from ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

This list was attributed to the Dalai Lama, but is actually from ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Wherever they actually originated from, they are a great list to live by.  I always have a copy in … Continue reading

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Long standing problem? Try Kneeling

I’m not good at getting on my knees.  It’s the one thing I really don’t ‘do’ I was raised a Catholic, and went to a Catholic convent secondary school. We studied the lives of the saints.  How they starved themselves, … Continue reading

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About Me, for today

I have recently stopped working, for many reasons, most of all I needed some time out.  I have a few ideas of where to go from here, but am still at the ideas stage with many of them. As I … Continue reading

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I find it shocking how self-centred and ungrateful I can let myself get. I would like to describe myself as a hippy, a free spirit, as a person unfettered by the burdens of capitalism…. Imagine by John Lennon is my … Continue reading

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The Witch of Portobello

I’ve been off work 11 days & I’ve already read 2 books. I used to read so much, but driving or cycling to work as opposed to taking the train had a significant impact on my reading time, as has … Continue reading

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Nick Danagher

Yesterday I went to Nick’s funeral.  I felt an immense sense of pride that I had gotten to know Nick over the last 6½ years and was able to be a part of the celebration of his life and sadness … Continue reading

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Just for Today

…. I will have a plan.  I may not follow it exactly….. I have always had ‘to-do’ lists.  I am dyslexic, I can not stay focussed on the task I am currently doing let alone keep track of all the … Continue reading

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