Seven Tips for New Bloggers from the Laughing Housewife

Oh why oh why oh why didn’t I read this post at the start of my blogventures!

My titles are over 140 characters long, I have been consigned to the spam bin forever for too many tags, and despite being a maths teacher, I am also Dyslexic & can’t count! Maybe I should just ‘Rip it up and start again?

The Laughing Housewife

A lot of my subscribers are fairly new bloggers  (which, I suspect, is why they subscribe here – they don’t know any better).

Thank you, new subscribers, for subscribing, however misguided you may be.

Formalities over and naming no names, I have noticed some common errors on my visits to your new blogs, and I thought I would give you some tips that I wish had been given to me early on in my own blogging career:

  • Use no more than ten tags, including the category.  Any more than that and search engines think you are spam and put you to the bottom of the list.  Good tags encourage more hits.  Failing that, they garner amusing searches which you can shamelessly turn into their own posts.  Or is that just me?
  • Break up paragraphs.  It is difficult to read one huge block of text; people don’t have time to persevere or just can’t be…

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About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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12 Responses to Seven Tips for New Bloggers from the Laughing Housewife

  1. grannymar says:

    Barbara, just wait one minute…. Are you blogging for a business, for stats or for fun? How many months are you at it now? Just about four months on my reckoning. The only problem I find is that all those faces (avatars) appear when folk like your posts, but they don’t leave a comment – I blame that on fb.

    Nobody ever told me when, how or why to blog and I am still around. Tilly does have some good points, but like all topics these ‘How to’ posts are all in vogue at the moment. Many of the authors fall by the wayside after a short time. Remember it is your blog – your space to with what and how you want. Only advice from me is to enjoy it!


    • Barbara says:

      Why am I blogging??? Oh Help!!

      Seriously though… I did have another look at all my old posts & I had only ‘overtagged’ one post…. my ’25’ favourite films 🙂 All the rest of my posts were fine according to Tilly’s tips 🙂

      And I do it because I enjoy it, but also to help me get a bit of focus. I’m lost at the moment & I’m not sure where I’m going. I want (need) to stop working, but we cant really afford for me not to work…. so I’m currently signing on & looking for jobs I don’t want to do. It’s all a bit depressing, so blogging cheers me up 🙂 Sometimes my ‘panics’ are just expressions of my first thoughts when I read the titles of other peoples posts, and I did think Tilly’s was good so sharing her post is a way of letting her know

      Mum Dad & Jen are coming at the end of October… so I’ll be having a ‘pre mum’s visit panic cleaning countdown’ next week… a cleaning frenzy live on WordPress 🙂


  2. grannymar says:

    A ‘pre mum’s visit panic cleaning countdown’… I must teach Elly about that one! She & George had fun before I had cataracts removed, I overheard her on the phone saying “We don’t need to bother cleaning that (whatever that was) she (me) won’t see it!!! Have fun with the folks.


    • Barbara says:

      Isn’t it amazing… My house that was lived in and clean… has suddenly become a dusty, messy, filthy, smelly hovel with paint peeling everywhere and windows that are so dirty you can’t actually see out… The second my mum confirmed the dates… I have to reprint the bathroom & kitchen, valet & polish the car, scrub the kitchen & bathroom walls & floors (painting will not happen) hover the house UNDER all the furniture, move the fridge, cooker & washing machine when cleaning the floor, clean all the kitchen cupboards, put half our belongings in the attic (remembering to retrieve the cat & or dog before closing up) and get my tortoise to go to sleep!!! Oh yes and wash all the windows inside & out, upstairs and down. I hate ladders too!

      None, or almost none will get done. 😦 oh well


  3. Barbara says:

    That was re-paint the bathroom & kitchen !


  4. grannymar says:

    Don’t try to tell me your mother looks under the furniture or behind the cooker!!! ROFLOL!


    • Barbara says:

      She doesn’t inspect, but she can’t help seeing. Around the cooker feet the floor is dirty, and down the side of the washing machine & fridge. I see them too, but I don’t have enough time/energy to sort it. The paint has all come off the bathroom window sill which is metal & it has rusted, so looks really horrid, but it’s a big job as the metal has to be prepared.

      There are water stains on the ceilings downstairs where rdiators have leaked or the shower soaked the floor. They drive me mad, but repainting the house is way down on my to do list!!

      All the outside windows are filthy. The low light makes them worse.

      All these things my mum will see & she won’t say anything. I see them & hate them but I have learnt to lower my standards otherwise I burn myself out. 😦

      But when my mum is coming I feel my house is not as clean as hers, and therefore ‘fail’. I know mum doesn’t do that, but I do wish I was more on top of things!!


  5. grannymar says:

    Your parents & Jen are coming to see YOU and the family, relax and enjoy.


    • Barbara says:


      I just have so many things in my head at the moment that I haven’t done, I feel really useless!

      Oh well, I did do 2 job applications this week 🙂

      I love blogging, it keeps me sane!


  6. Al says:

    Barbara, even though this event is way past, I feel your pain. But know you are in good company. Everyone, and there are no exceptions, has those same exaggerated feelings of inadequacy just prior to a parental visit.

    No matter how much we tell ourselves we won’t be like that, rest assured we will be. Just ask your self this, did the world ever come to an end because of a dirty window?

    P.S. I think you have a valued friend in Grannymar! I like her.


    • Barbara says:

      Don’t worry, it will happen again when another visit is planned! I am in mum & dads house & it is spotless. Oh well, slowly and surely. I did manage to get the bathroom window sill sorted before their visit which was a huge achievement, and have done other small clearing and cleaning jobs on days when I haven’t been too ill.

      I also cleaned all the windows, a really long overdue job, especially the upstairs ones, and I haven’t let them get too dirty since which makes the job a lot easier!

      I’ll get there eventually!


  7. Barbara says:

    Grannymar is my auntie Marie & it’s her birthday today (for the next 8 minutes!). Luckily her big brother (my dad) is umpety um years ahead of her 🙂


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