Shoes – The perfect antidote to a rainy Wednesday

This is my second post about shoes

If you have read my first post : Shoes – The perfect antidote to a rainy Monday, you will probably not believe what I am about to write…

My other favourite shoes are Crocs!

The ones that are not so good for your feet

I discovered Crocs as soon as they appeared on the market & I fell in love!  Shoes that made my feet feel good…. even after wearing them all day long in really high temperatures!  Unlike most people, I also like the look of them… not for everyday work-wear (unless you are on your feet all day and are allowed wear them – I believe nurses are now allowed wear the ones with the closed toes)

So what is it about Crocs?

  1. They are incredibly comfortable… they are designed to be worn barefoot & slightly lose.  The air flows around your feet as you walk, and they are so light you can hardly feel them on your feet
  2. The material they are made from is brilliant at both supporting and cushioning your feet.  I have worn them all day long walking round Barcelona as a tourist (no siesta) in mid August (38°C, 98°F) and not had tired feet at the end of the day
  3. I like how they look – Rounded wide shoes, like the original Dr Martens make your feet look smaller, and even though my feet are small (UK6) for my height (5’10”) I like them looking smaller!
  4. They are washable – after a day sightseeing in London or Barcelona your shoes are normally filthy.  With Crocs, wear them in the shower & rub them with a little shampoo or shower gel & they are good as new straight away
  5. They are waterproof – ideal shower shoes for public showers
  6. They are non slip & non marking – they were designed as boat shoes – they wont slip on any surface whether wet or dry & they won’t mark a tiled floor or boat.  Ideal for wearing poolside too
  7. They float!  If you are wearing them near water & one falls in, they float!  Easily retrieved… Also ideal for entering the water on a stony beach…. wear them in and then when you are in deep enough take them off & throw back to shore… or slide your hands through the strap & wear them around your elbows as flotation aids!
  8. They now come in lots of different styles apart from the original round toed design… my second pair were flip-flops.  Definitely the best flip flops ever.  Comfortable to wear all day long, good high straps mean they don’t fall off.  Not ideal for rock climbing or cross country walks as they are flip flops…. but during hot weather I live in them now.
  9. Hard wearing… I have had my first pair for 10 years and they have been worn more than any other shoe I have owned, and they still look fine.  They don’t look new, I wore them to the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt (My packing was poor that holiday I was a bit distracted with wedding plans to think through the trip properly – I also forgot underwear!)

    Me, in the strange looking outfit, and my red Crocs (Cardinal sin – with Socks!!) beginning our descent of Mount Sinai in Egypt having climbed up in order to see the sunrise.

  10. If I had to leave all my shoes except one pair, that I would have to wear day in day out for the rest of my life, I would bring my red Crocs

My favourite red Crocs, with some friends’ Crocs

I am sure I will think of more than 10 great things to say about Crocs in the next few days…. I usually do!  But that will do for now!

I have a few pairs…

My Favourite Red Crocs

My Favourite Flip-Flops

Lovely warm slippers

Wonderfully Lightweight Wellies

I have spare blue Croc shoes and pink flip-flops too 🙂

For men they do lovely ones with leather toes, which look less like Jelly Shoes.  Peter wears them non stop and would be lost without them on holiday.  He forgot his on two different holidays and both times ended up buying new ones.  He now has 4 different pairs!

Men’s Shoes with leather fronts

Slip on Canvas Upper Mens’ shoes

So, in our hallway alongside my eclectic collection of quirky shoes from Irregular Choice and my Dr Martens Heels all carefully wrapped in tissue paper and stored in their boxes just like my auntie Grannymar,  are 10 pairs of Crocs!

In addition to shoes, I also have a thing for reptiles (not snakes for some reason!) I love water dragons, lizards, newts, frogs, chameleons, tortoises and crocodiles!  I’m not sure why I like crocodiles so much, I associate them with cute cuddliness, which they really are not!  Maybe one of my favourite books from my childhood is to blame?  Serafina the Giraffe by Laurent de Brunhoff.

Serafina the Giraffe

Serafina’s best friend is Ernest the Crocodile 🙂

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Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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12 Responses to Shoes – The perfect antidote to a rainy Wednesday

  1. Grannymar says:

    The slippers look comfy, I must watch out for them.


    • Barbara says:

      They are delicious…. and you can so the unforgivable…. you can wear them with socks!

      They’re available online & postage should be minimal since they weigh next to nothing


  2. This is a funny post. I like to wear my crocs while gardening but I have to confess I absolutely love my keens sandals which I too wear with socks – have warn them with my wool hiking socks with the weather down to 40F (5C) and they are great hiking in the hot weather too with a nice rubber toe guard on them.


    • Barbara says:

      I wrote another post about shoes a while back…. I felt a bit of a fraud not confessing my crocs fettish…. It had to be done!!

      I didn’t deliberately wear them hiking, and wouldn’t chose the ones with holes as all the little stones kept getting in…. But they were all I had, and they got me safely to the top in the dark, and back down again in one piece!

      Sandals with socks… Maybe it’s the way forward? The path to enlightenment is trodden in sandals with socks…..


  3. Maxi says:

    Recently I had surgery and most everyone in the hospital wore crocs. Nice look, great replacement for sneakers.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


    • Barbara says:

      And lovely and quiet too… they don’t squeak on shiny floors like smelly old trainers used to

      Nurses must be so grateful, finally shoes that leave your legs refreshed after a long day on your feet!


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  5. I can’t wear anything synthetic anymore so crocs are definitely out. I loooove those blue DMs, what a great colour. 🙂


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  7. Al says:

    Well, I’ve never had any inclination to wear crocs until now. You may have convinced me to try them. They might be perfect for walking on the beach. Which style do you recommend fot that?


    • Barbara says:

      It depends on whether the beach is sandy or pebbles. The sandy warm beaches are ideal for the flip-flop style, and for the pebble beaches, or beaches that are hard to walk on, the ‘cayman’ style are the best (the ones that look like clogs with holes)


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