Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This week’s photo challenge Sea, has had me thinking.  We spend most of our spare time in summer on or at the sea, preferably on it if it’s warm, even more preferably in it!  I have a huge collection of photos to chose from.  I have picked some of the sea when it looks very ‘unsealike’ 🙂

When you have a boat you have a unique opportunity to witness the sea at dusk and dawn, at high tide and at low tide, when suddenly a calm sea can become rough, or a choppy sea can become incredibly calm.

During the week these photos were taken we were anchored in a little inlet on the Isle of Wight called Newtown Creek.  Earlier that week we had experienced force 9 gales at this very spot, but on this evening, as the tide reached it’s peak and the sun began to set, the sea became calm like a lake.

Sunset at high tide at Newtown Creek

Sunset at high tide at Newtown Creek

Here are some more photos from that stunning sunset, click on any thumbnail to see larger versions

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Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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17 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. Al says:

    Here’s my welcome thought. These are superb. I would keep them handy for a contest if I was you.The sunset taken from the bow of your boat has unlimited possibilities.


    • Barbara says:

      Thank you 🙂 I actually took these quite a long time ago, so long ago that I had to crop out the dates from the corner of the photos! Very glad the dates didn’t take away from the photos!


  2. Tina Schell says:

    Beautiful captures! Wouldn’t have known they were cropped without your mentioning it!


  3. These are gorgeous! I love when the water becomes like glass 🙂


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  7. Grannymar says:

    I think you missed your vocation! You have a great talent with the camera lens!


    • Barbara says:

      Maybe it’s my new vocation? Certainly my new hobby 🙂

      I would have loved to get into photography earlier, my great uncle Billy took great photos & I always loved looking at them. Photography was always expensive to get into, and Billy died before he could teach me.

      In order to make money with photography I would have had to get into it before the advent of digital photography… Now I am decades behind, so it is just for fun, and maybe to help Charlotte get noticed as a model?


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