Having spent a few days on the coast we were quite excited to visit Western Australia’s Capital City.  The skyline looked great as we glimpsed it along the highway, with lots of sparkling high rise buildings.

Perth Skyline

The building on the right of this picture is called The Bell Tower. It houses bells from St Martin in The Fields in London, bells that are older than Perth!

Perth city is a little inland from the coast on the Swan river.  There are lots of  old buildings alongside the new, and some fun open spaces with lots of shade so the children can enjoy the city.

A juxtaposition of old and new

A juxtaposition of old and new

We had a lovely afternoon wandering around a tiny bit of the city centre, and the children loved stopping off at the fountains in Forest Place.  There was so much more to see in Perth, we could easily have spent a few days there, we didn’t get anywhere near the Botanical Gardens in Kings park, a must for us in any city we visit, so we will very definitely have to come back & spend a few more days here!  Here are a few more of my photos, click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger picture

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2 Responses to Perth

  1. Grannymar says:

    Interesting mix of the old and the new.


    • Barbara says:

      It is, except the old is not that old really! It was founded in 1829. Unlike Sydney they are being really good at preserving their old buildings nowadays so there is a nice mix


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