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Weekly Photo Challenge; Reflections (2)

Yesterday we went for a walk in Esher woods.  The frost on the ground was showing no sign of melting, and our breath condensed as it hit the cold air, but the light was lovely so I kept this weeks … Continue reading

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River Thames in Flood, Weybridge, England,

The Thames has been flooding for a few days.  Not to the extent it flooded in 2002 when many of our local roads were closed, but it’s been climbing the tow-paths & the speed that it has been racing has … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Reflections

This is a theme I have played with before, but not for a photo Challenge I would be interested on people’s thoughts on these two photos! I took them at Broadwater lake, which is a very overgrown lake near our … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Geometry (2)

I was about to crop these photos, and then I found my kaleidoscope camera on my iPad 🙂  Now to pick my favourites… Below is a slideshow of the rest… hover your mouse over the photo to find the navigation … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Geometry

My husband took these stunning photo of a Swallowtail Butterfly quite a while ago. I was tempted to crop the photos to create a cryptic photo, but I like the photos too much as they are! Here’s the Weekly Photo … Continue reading

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Daily Reflections

I took this photo today during our walk beside The Broadwater, which is really near our house. The walk beside the lake was really overgrown for years, but now that they are reclaiming some of the water meadows beside the … Continue reading

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Beauty in Mathematics

This is a really great article from Cartesian Product!  I love how incredibly complicated ‘sets’ get once you have more than 3 circles! 🙂 Most of all I love the pictures Venn diagrams for 11 sets    

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