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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Pattern, and for me the hardest thing was choosing just one photo, I love patterns, and I am always photographing them 🙂 I particularly love photographing patterns in nature, which is why I have … Continue reading

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A message from a friend, to help me slow down

Slow me down. Ease the pounding of my heart by quieting my mind. Steady my hurried pace. Give me, in the confusion of my day, the calmness of the everlasting hills. Break the tension of my nerves and muscles. Help … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Delicate

Having posted for the Weekly Challenge a day early yesterday in utter panic at 7.17pm when it still hadn’t appeared (because it was Thursday!) , today I nearly missed the Weekly Photo Challenge completely! I am on massive doses of … Continue reading

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Travel Theme; Circles Beautiful natural circles

It’s hard to believe, but rainbows are actually full circles, just most of the time we are not high enough to see them! Here are some photos of beautiful double-rainbows that I took on my road in April after some … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Reflections (2)

Yesterday we went for a walk in Esher woods.  The frost on the ground was showing no sign of melting, and our breath condensed as it hit the cold air, but the light was lovely so I kept this weeks … Continue reading

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River Thames in Flood, Weybridge, England,

The Thames has been flooding for a few days.  Not to the extent it flooded in 2002 when many of our local roads were closed, but it’s been climbing the tow-paths & the speed that it has been racing has … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Reflections

This is a theme I have played with before, but not for a photo Challenge I would be interested on people’s thoughts on these two photos! I took them at Broadwater lake, which is a very overgrown lake near our … Continue reading

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Travel Theme; Liquid

Winter in England is usually wet.  Summer is often very wet too.  Normally we do not have to travel far to come across liquid in the form of water.  We spend quite a lot of time keeping it out of … Continue reading

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Squeal !! Cutest Platypuses Ever!

What is it about baby Platypuses (or Platypi if they are from Greece) – They always make girls squeal! I love these photos.. I found one while reading Edinburgh Eye’s ‘About me’, and she led me to the ‘Buzzfeed‘ collection … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Green

I wasn’t expecting to get very good photos today as it was a very typically misty moisty November day, but when I took Wilson for his walk, I brought my camera just in case.  I actually was able to capture … Continue reading

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