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“I heard a massive explosion and I thought it was a cat flap”

Watching the news this evening we had to stop and rewind one particular item a few times as it was about an explosion that happened near a house where we used to live, and for a second we thought it … Continue reading

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The last photos before I broke my camera! An Egret Dancing

Full of excitement with having my new super camera with a 24x zoom (Panasonic DMC FZ62), I brought it everywhere with me in Egypt.  I had it in my handbag in it’s case that came with it, so I expected … Continue reading

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What to do when your phone falls in the loo?

I’ve heard people suggest drying out phones in rice, but until yesterday I didn’t have cause to test the theory, but having had a slight accident yesterday in the little girls room, I put theory into practice. I have a … Continue reading

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