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Mandarin Duck

I love these ducks!  When I first saw one years ago in central London I couldn’t believe it was real!  They look like they are carved from wood.

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The River Thames in Flood; Weybridge & Walton, January 9th 2014

Today the sun shone so I took Wilson out and we took some photos of the floods.  The water is nearly as high as it was in 2003!   This is how high the water came in Weybridge. The river started … Continue reading

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River Levels Rising!

Our horrible wet weather is continuing (except mine & Peter’s weather will definitely improve from Tuesday!) There are flood warnings all over the country, and today there are 10 around the area of the Thames near where we live.

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Flood Alert & Wilson’s Christmas Swim

Yesterday Wilson didn’t get to come swimming with us in Hampton Open Air Pool as they don’t allow dogs, even Water Spaniels.  Today, despite grey foreboding clouds we decided to take Wilson for a long walk to try and work … Continue reading

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Travel Theme; Bridges – Walton Bridge

A new bridge is being built over the River Thames, near where I live in Walton. This will be the first new road bridge over the Thames in 20 years History of Walton Bridge (from the Surrey County Council Website) … Continue reading

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The River Thames in Flood, Weybridge, Walton & Port Hampton

Further to my recent posts about the river flooding in Weybridge and Walton, I have now found my photographs from the last big flood.  In December 2002 and January 2003 the Thames began to flood near where we live. I … Continue reading

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River Thames in Flood, Walton-On-Thames, England

The Thames has been flooding for a few more days.  Christmas this year has been more damp than cold.  Our annual outdoor swim in Hampton Pool was interspersed with the occasional downpour, and today we just managed to get back … Continue reading

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A Stunning photo of a Mallard Duck

I took this photo of this beautiful duck, iridescent in the morning sun as I was having a look at the progress on our new bridge at Walton on Thames As he wandered around the river bank he reminded me … Continue reading

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