From Sofa to Marathon – Week 2

I’m definitely on the mend, my cough and snuffly nose are much better so now that my Achilles tendon is also mended I really need to start jogging again, even if its really slowly to start with.  I’m back out & about walking Wilson, but my nerve in my cheek still hurts when my painkillers wear off, so I have to wear a cowl or hood or high scarf even when it’s not that cold out.  Also this virus comes & goes.  Sometimes I feel completely better, and then I get all cold and fluey again.  Its a bit horrid 😦

So progress so far:

0 miles, 0 hours training, 6/7 days of taking Wilson for dog walks 🙂 (Not very long or difficult, but at least outdoors!)

I will be including walking Wilson in my training plans, as I do tend to walk fast when I am walking him, and throwing sticks & balls is light exercise too 🙂

Food Diary progress.

I wrote a scale on the front of the diary on which to measure my level of hunger before eating anything, and it’s strange, I think I still don’t know what hungry feels like!  I have stomach pains, but I rarely associate them with hunger and am unsure whether they mean I have eaten too much or am hungry.  The only way I can tell is by checking what I have eaten recently!  This is why I forget top eat until afternoon.  Firstly I’m rarely hungry in the morning, and secondly it’s only when I can associate stomach pain with hunger that I consider eating!  People don’t get hunger pains first thing in the morning unless they haven’t eaten the night before!

Christmas day & Boxing day were full of evenings of me eating sweets & cakes when when my rating was 8 (full) or higher already.  I guess it’s the same for most people!!

I’ve also noticed I crave fruit after eating, but I think you are supposed to eat fruit before other food.  I must look that up!

Once I got ill I pretty much stopped eating, but that’s normal.  Hoping to be back on track next week.  Keeping up fluids 🙂

My target for next week:

Find out about when is best to eat fruit

Complete my food diary every day

Try and at least go for a jog or a brisk walk every day, minimum 1 mile or a cycle of 2 miles.

Blog my progress we very day with the tag Janathon

See you next Wednesday

Wilson on his sofa after a very hard day chasing sticks

Wilson on his sofa after a very hard day chasing sticks

About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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9 Responses to From Sofa to Marathon – Week 2

  1. Lea Perry says:

    Glad you are getting better. I love the falling snow effect. Diet plays an important part in keeping well so I think you eating diary is a great idea


    • Barbara says:

      Lol, It is indeed… my normal eating pattern being something like this
      Peter, coming home at 6pm “What did you eat today?”
      Me “Um…. I can’t remember… Nothing?”
      At least seeing the diary around reminds me that I need to eat something so I can write it down! 🙂


  2. Grannymar says:

    Try to eat breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. Bananas are good and the very ripe they give a quick surge of energy that is no long lived. A firmer banana will give yo a long slow release of energy. I often toast a bagel and mash a banana on it for elevenses. This will give you a chance to see my Breakfast


    • Barbara says:

      A good idea indeed. When Peter is at home we always eat porridge with raisins and Greek yoghurt, delicious, and it sets us up for the day.

      I just forget when I am at home by myself. I come down & there’s no bread left & I think… I’ll go out to the shops in a minute, and then it’s 4pm & I still haven’t bought bread 😦 I should give myself more choices for the mornings!!

      I always buy things for the girls to snack on when they come home from school, like bagels, muffins and crumpets. A bagel with Banana sounds fab 🙂 I’ve showed your breakfast video to the girls before, they think it is really funny 🙂


  3. Leanne Cole says:

    Maybe we should challenge one another, I need to get fit, though I just want to walk. The heat just isn’t inspiring me.


    • Barbara says:

      I have the opposite problem, it’s too cold to start! Not right now though… Have escaped to Egypt for 2 weeks. Internet costly so will only check in occasionally!


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