Please visit Dave in hospital (virtually)

My friend Dave from teacher training (he is a lot younger than me) is in hospital for the third time with leukaemia since starting our course in 2009. His blog plots his progress and his hiccups, and he’s in the middle of a huge hiccup.

He’s a maths teacher & loves the stats pages on WordPress, so if anyone who reads this can pop over & pay his blog a visit, he will be well chuffed when he is well enough to have a look at the stats pages again.

And if people out there have words of encouragement for him, that would be fab too, he has a team of family & friends by his bedside who are reading our comments to him at the moment


Keep Calm And Chemo On

dick here…

david is getting a lot of positive vibes from every comment we read to him and it really is helping him through this difficult time, but unfortunately they appear to have slowed down of late. We understand that it is hard for people, and not everyone knows what to say, but it’s a lot harder for him and he really needs to hear from every single one of you, even if it is just to say hi! We need POSITIVE comments to get him through this!

much appreciated

D x

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2 Responses to Please visit Dave in hospital (virtually)

  1. Grannymar says:

    That is a tough station.


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