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Why Teachers Drink

I got these in an email today from my dad. They made me giggle so much I have to share them! Have a giggly day

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A dyslexic walks into a bank… “Air in the hands mother stickers this is a fuckup!”

I’ve known that I was dyslexic from before I started school.  My dad is dyslexic, he struggles with reading and spelling, he had a really hard time in school, he was always afraid of exams. Lots of my relatives are … Continue reading

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Our Superhero

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Today at around 5am, although his spirit was still strong David’s body decided that it couldn’t cope with the pain and suffering anymore and gave up it’s fight after a courageous three…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future? Tense!

My friend has cancer I met David on my ‘Secondary Maths Teacher Training Postgraduate degree course.  There were a lot of us, I was in the ‘mature’ student group with teenage children and housework to get home to,  and David … Continue reading

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Please visit Dave in hospital (virtually)

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dick here… david is getting a lot of positive vibes from every comment we read to him and it really is helping him through this difficult time, but unfortunately they appear to…

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Resolved

Why is it, that when I see the word resolve I think Vectors and Trigonometry Resolving vectors – The figure above illustrates vector resolution by components. In the first example, a boat crosses a river without compensating for the current. … Continue reading

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I love xkcd

I love xkcd

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Imaginary Numbers

So you’re officially not a Geek then? i, in Maths and Physics stands for imaginary numbers. Unless you read Maths or Physics at University, (or sat the Irish Leaving Certificate Higher Maths), if somebody mentioned imaginary numbers, you probably would … Continue reading

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10.11.12 13:14

October 11th 2012 @ 1.14pm I love numbers & the fact that I have just worked out how to schedule a post 🙂

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About Me, for today

I have recently stopped working, for many reasons, most of all I needed some time out.  I have a few ideas of where to go from here, but am still at the ideas stage with many of them. As I … Continue reading

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