One Word Photo Challenge; Red

I did a quiz recently for one of my followers, and I found out;

“Your soul is painted the colour red, which embodies the characteristics of love, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection, excitement, speed, leadership, power, danger, and respect. Red is the colour of the element Fire, and is associated with blood, life and death, birth, volcanoes, and intense emotions. ”

Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom

This was not really a surprise to me, since I have Red hair, and I am an Aries (fire sign) so Red seems to be a colour I am drawn to.

Me driving a Red Tractor

Me driving a Red Tractor

I like red cars & clothes, buses and fire engines but I would never paint a room in my house red!

Red Tulip

Red Tulip

I love poppies too, but I don’t seem to have any good photos of them.  I planted loads of poppy seeds in my garden last year so hopefully some of them will appear this year & i’ll get some photos!

I like these Fly Agaris Mushrooms too

I like these Fly Agaris Mushrooms too

And finally, here is a teddy we found on a very isolated beach in Devon a long time ago.  We named him Sillary after the beach.  We still have no idea what animal he is supposed to represent?  A fox maybe?  He still has his wonderful bright red colour that drew us to him many years ago!

SilleryThank you for this weeks challenge Jennifer 🙂

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Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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16 Responses to One Word Photo Challenge; Red

  1. Thanks for sharing these! I was drawn to red for so long as well- until I worked at Target, now I own barely any red! I got too tired of it 😛 But regardless, I do love mushrooms- little fairy homes, which makes them very magical 🙂 And that flower is beautiful!


  2. becca givens says:

    I love that first red mushroom! I’ve not seen one in person … only light tan ones!


  3. Great selection! Are those red mushrooms for real? Feels like a fairy tale looking at them!


    • Barbara says:

      Yes, they are quite common here, they are hallucinogenic but also make you sick when you eat them (not that I’ve tried!! ) I always imagine there could be little elves living underneath them!


  4. Grannymar says:

    That first photo is a fairy story waiting to be told! I was never allowed to wear red when I was young. Dan decided that women with red hair should not wear red. End of story! As my crowning glory fades to silver the reds have come into play, especially the raspberry family. I always feel good in raspberry!


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