The Walkie Talkie Building

One of the buildings that my dad wanted to see when he was here in London last week was the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building, because of its unusual shape

The Walkie Talkie BuildingThis building has a major design flaw however, and it’s not that the fact that it is top heavy.  During the summer this building burnt a car!A Jaguar parked near the building started to melt because the building created a curve with its series of flat windows.  These acted like mirrors, the reflections all converging at one point, focusing and concentrating the light which melted the car’s paint!

This is what the building looked like back in September, however the windows have all now had shades added so nothing else will melt!

The Walkie Talkie


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14 Responses to The Walkie Talkie Building

  1. Beautiful image and the title of the post is really catchy 🙂

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  3. Great pic; made me laugh remembering this story. Thanks.

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    • Barbara says:

      Sometimes its hard to believe that the Architects didnt think of these things!!


      • Well, my sister is one, so I feel free to talk as I learnt so much from her. In fact I hear that they often choose design over practicality.
        That’s what engineers blame them for; but i think they both follow these lines.

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        • Barbara says:

          It definitely seems true… whenever I visit a brand new building I do wonder whether the users were consulted or not in the design stage. My university had a new lecture building built and all the smaller rooms were short but very wide meaning that the students at the edges of the room had no chance of being able to read the board… The building was very elegant though!


  4. Haha! The image tells the story


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