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If you could make a 30 second speech to the entire world, what would you say?

I found some great questions on the blog of one of my new followers ‘Granny Smith: Unleashed‘ (I’m pretty sure she’s not a granny!!) and was going to reply to a few of them but found myself answering them all! … Continue reading

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“Ireland is a Catholic Country”

Indeed it is. So is Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia…. the list goes on The laws on abortion in Europe Only in Malta is abortion completely illegal In Italy, the home of the Catholic … Continue reading

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Vigil in London @4pm Irish Embassy for Savita Halappanavar. Wear White

There is a Vigil in London tomorrow, November the 17th at 4pm outside the Irish Embassy for Savita & her family. White is the Hindu colour for mourning if you can, please wear white, to vigils/marches/protests. We can not change … Continue reading

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:) So proud that Elly is my Cousin! :)

😀 Elly is my Cousin 😀  😀  Elly is my Cousin 😀  😀  Elly is my Cousin 😀  😀  Elly is my Cousin 😀  😀 Elly is my Cousin 😀 For years I have considered myself a hippy, a supporter of … Continue reading

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My Placard reads SHAME

I couldn’t be in Ireland tonight to protest, so here I am in London, with my Placard and my candle. This is an article from today’s Irish Times Public inquiry demanded into death of woman refused abortion The death of … Continue reading

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Top 10 earning DEAD! celebrities

Top 10 earning dead celebrities! If you’re famous enough, even the small matter of being dead can’t stop you from making a very good living. Forbes looked at the earnings of deceased celebrities’ estates for the twelve months ending October … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday Gwen

Today is my baby sister’s 40th birthday. She died on the 3rd of February 1973 of a cot death. We only have four photographs of her. Most people didn’t have cameras then, and colour photographs were still very new. I … Continue reading

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