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WordCloud for my blog :)

Thank you to Rarasaur for the idea… I just went to http://www.tagxedo.com/, pasted in the home page of my blog & hit ‘submit’.  I was able to delete silly words like ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’, ‘Postaday’ and ‘Comments’, and this is … Continue reading

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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

What inspired me to start a blog?  What inspires me to blog?  Two very different questions! I had thought about bogging before. My very famous auntie Marie is an accomplished blogger on another well-known blog platform which we won’t mention … Continue reading

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I find it shocking how self-centred and ungrateful I can let myself get. I would like to describe myself as a hippy, a free spirit, as a person unfettered by the burdens of capitalism…. Imagine by John Lennon is my … Continue reading

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