Squeal !! Cutest Platypuses Ever!

What is it about baby Platypuses (or Platypi if they are from Greece) – They always make girls squeal! I love these photos.. I found one while reading Edinburgh Eye’s ‘About me’, and she led me to the ‘Buzzfeed‘ collection of baby platypus photos!

Here they are…. lots of squealing to follow!

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About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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13 Responses to Squeal !! Cutest Platypuses Ever!

  1. So amazingly cute….. ❤


  2. Life&Ink says:

    I want one!!! It would go perfectly with the baby elephant I want! 🙂


  3. Baby platypuses are right up there with baby otters, baby seals and baby elephants on the cuteness scale.


  4. Grannymar says:

    Not for me this one. I am just about comfortable with Buffy.


  5. Grannymar says:

    I think I have forgotten girly cuteness these days.


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  7. Al says:

    This is what happens when an animal can’t decide what it wants to be when it grows up.


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