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Travel Theme; Circles Beautiful natural circles

It’s hard to believe, but rainbows are actually full circles, just most of the time we are not high enough to see them! Here are some photos of beautiful double-rainbows that I took on my road in April after some … Continue reading

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Travel Theme; Circles The biggest man-made circle in the world

The worlds largest man-made circle is in Cern.  CERN is not a place, it is an organisation, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.  the CERN Laboratory sits astride the Franco–Swiss border near Geneva.  CERN is an international laboratory for particle … Continue reading

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Imaginary Numbers

So you’re officially not a Geek then? i, in Maths and Physics stands for imaginary numbers. Unless you read Maths or Physics at University, (or sat the Irish Leaving Certificate Higher Maths), if somebody mentioned imaginary numbers, you probably would … Continue reading

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You are a geek if you get this……

Do Engineers call it a jPhone? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks to Professor Brian Cox for bringing this one to my attention on twitter   Need help….. Click here      

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Top 10 earning DEAD! celebrities

Top 10 earning dead celebrities! If you’re famous enough, even the small matter of being dead can’t stop you from making a very good living. Forbes looked at the earnings of deceased celebrities’ estates for the twelve months ending October … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Big

This isn’t my photo (‘really’ I hear you cry!!) but it makes me feel really really small, and that the universe is so unimaginably BIG “Suddenly, from behind the rim of the Moon, in long, slow-motion moments of immense majesty, … Continue reading

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