Phoneography Challenge


Welcome to my neighbourhood!!

Well, this was the neighbourhood within which I grew up, and this weekend I was there celebrating my Dad’s 70th birthday.

I grew up in Dundrum, in Dublin, Ireland. The small village was transformed by the Celtic Tiger. The dated tired local shopping precinct was usurped by a massive multi-storey shopping mall which became the retail capital of South Dublin

It is strange for me still to see fields transformed into traffic systems, car parks and skyscrapers, but the landscaping of this part of the centre has been beautifully completed, and the pond is full of fountains with hourly displays to entertain visitors to the complex

All changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty is born

PS I hate posting by phone!  No tags, no links, no categories, no drafts, no preview, no photo captions….. etc

About Barbara

Born in Dublin, living in London with Peter, my two daughters, Wilson our Spaniel & Woordow our Malshih (Shih Tzu-Maltese cross)
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10 Responses to Phoneography Challenge

  1. Grannymar says:

    I don’t recognise any of that photo. 😦


    • Barbara says:

      That’s what I mean.

      Have you been to the Dundrum shopping centre? This was my third visit and I have only just got my head round where it is in relation to Dundrum & Balally! This view is from where the old PYE centre used to be looking towards the Sandyford Road, right towards Balally, left towards Dundrum crossroads


  2. Al says:

    How neat that you showed us your old stomping grounds. It piqued my curiosity so I checked it out on Google Earth (stalking is just one of my many cyber talents). Seriously, that’s a beautiful area. So green around there! (I know, that’s why they call it the Emerald Isle, duh!)


    • Barbara says:

      It used to be so much greener! It is strange for me to see it with so many buildings everywhere, filling the fields we used to play in. And there are so many more roads too. They have a new tram system which is amazing though, so much faster and more frequent than the bus I used to have to get into town.

      The reason it is so green, is because it rains so much! England is like that in winter, but once the warm weather arrives the south becomes parched (last year excluded) and the grass all goes brown. It rarely gets that hot or dry in Ireland, so it is very green all year round


  3. Maxi says:

    Your old neighborhood may be different but at least you have a bit of nostalgia with the pond.
    blessings ~ maxi


    • Barbara says:

      The pond is lovely, and the hourly fountain display is brilliant. Apparently it is illuminated at night. Another time I will try and photograph the fountains in action.


  4. Leanne Cole says:

    I love the way you say phoneography, I hate that term iphoneography, I think it is a great shot. and I would hate to have to post on my phone.


    • Barbara says:

      Lol, I only noticed the difference when you said it… I’m dyslexic so my brain reads things the way it wants to, not necessarily the way it’s written on the page, especially on computers, they are harder to read than the printed word. I can’t stand posting by phone, it’s tedious beyond belief!


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