There’s a blaze of light in every word; the holy or the broken Hallelujah

My mum sent me this article from The Irish Times, published on August the 19th, Peter’s birthday. We sang this song at our wedding (not very well… It’s a difficult song to sing, and our organist didn’t know the song & we didn’t practice so it was a bit of a bungle) but it is still our favourite song. I love what Thomas Casey has written about our song;

We have been to see Leonard Cohen 6 times since he began his world tour in 2009

We have been to see Leonard Cohen 6 times since he began his world tour in 2009

Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah hit the headlines again recently when Fr Ray Kelly’s custom-made cover version for a wedding in Meath went viral.

In an era of so many disposable pop songs, what is it about this song that has given it such a long and varied shelf-life?

Why does it touch so many people so profoundly? Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Sunset in a basket at Ellscott Park campsite

Sunset in a basket at Ellscott Park campsite

I love taking photos at sunset, so I don’t need a weekly photo challenge to be looking for  silhouettes , however I did have this weeks challenge in mind this evening as the sun went down into the basketball net!

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The Chertsey Show

When we came back from New Zealand I was thrilled when my friend Sarah gave me a tomato plant :-).  Damien & Louise’s garden full of vegetables and herbs have inspired me to make a lot more from my garden next year, starting with tomatoes!

My first tomato

My first tomato

Our first tomato though would be a perfect candidate for ‘Thats Life’ (a TV programme from the 80’s that had a special section showing rude vegetables) but it’s not on any more :-(  Then I thought maybe they’d have a section for funny vegetables at The Chertsey Show, but they didn’t have one!

They had everything else though!!

And here’s a few of my photos from last years show that I never got around to sharing;


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Sunset on the Beach at Rockingham, Perth

Fishing at Sunset on the Beach at Rockingham, Perth

I’m not usually up early enough to catch the sunrise, definitely not in summer! Thankfully for me I can capture silhouettes at sunset too!  Here is one I took of people fishing at sunset on a beach in Perth.

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First in Show!!

A pair of Mandarin ducks

A pair of Mandarin ducks

I entered this photo in a competition at The Chertsey Fair under the class ‘British Birds’  Even though these ducks originate from Asia (closely related to the Wood Duck found in America) a large feral population was established in the 20th century due to specimens escaping from collections, and there are now 7,000 in Britain.  I photographed this pair on the Thames in Walton. Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

TextureI’ve been waiting for an opportunity to share this photo I took of the sea at dawn.  I wouldn’t have described the ripples as a texture, but when the sea looks like this it seems a lot more viscous than it is

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Does anyone eat Llama?

P1270025Out walking this weekend, we came across a flock of llamas.  From a distance they look like strange sheep, but not up close! Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Dinghies Sailing on the Thames

Dinghies Sailing on the Thames

I’m sure I would be banned from Weybridge Sailing Club for using the word ‘Zigzag‘ to describe sailing dinghies tacking across the Thames! Continue reading

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I’m back & I’ve missed you all!

Japanese Anenome

Japanese Anemone

I’ve been away for ages, I’ve been working too much, I’ve been de-cluttering my house (a little) I’ve been doing some classes; learning how to use my camera a bit more & I’ve been enjoying this lovely sunshine we’ve been having!

Japanese Anemone Close-up

Japanese Anemone Close-up

But I’ve been taking hundreds of photos…. so I’ve a lot of catching up to do!

As a present to myself for all my clearing out (I’ve been using eBay and car-boot-sales as well as the bin!) I bought a new camera bag and a ‘close-up’ lens for my camera.



I want to buy a DSLR camera, but my Bridge camera is really very good & a friend of mine has lent me an old Cannon EOS 30D to play with and practice with before I commit some serious money!

Myrtle Flower Close-up

Myrtle Flower Close-up

In the meantime I am practising with my new close-up lens, and I am planning to spend the next few weeks revisiting my camera classes using the DSLR camera to see what I can manage with it!  I might post my attempts on here as a series ‘Photography 001′ (as opposed to the professional 101 series) Watch this space!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

No matter where he is, Wilson always generates a LOT of room when he does this!

Shaking dryDrying offThis week’s photo challenge is Room


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