I’m learning how to use photoshop

I saw this lovely owl in our local town centre last week and was trying to get a photo of him without all the distracting backgrounds, but I couldn’t manage it.

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The Monument in Weybridge

Weybridge has its very own monument!

The Monument in WeybridgeThis monument has a very interesting history.  It was originally erected in Seven Dials in central London near Covent Garden.  In the 18th Century, the Seven Dials Area became the haunt of cut-throats, thieves and prostitutes. In 1773, the city commissioners pulled the column down to get rid of these undesirables. Continue reading

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The Palace of Westminster

This week I have been uploading lots of photos to my Redbubble account and iStockphoto, but for some silly reason when I saw this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge; Monument, I went blank!!
The Palace of WestminsterI started looking through my photos from last year for a set of pictures I took of our local monument in Weybridge, but having now got back to December 2012 and still not found them I was beginning to go a bit do-lally!!

Then I remembered, one of this country’s most iconic monuments!  Big Ben and the houses of Parliament, officially known as The Palace of Westminster.  The lovely tower at the left of the building is called Elizabeth Tower

I took this photo early one morning when we were taking our boat from Weybridge to the sea.  Everything looks so beautiful in this light!

When I find the photos of the Weybridge Monument I will upload them as it has an interesting history.

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One Word Photo Challenge; Salmon

I’ve been falling behind with my challenges since starting to sell my photographs, so this week I am determined to catch up

Pink Tulips

Here’s some beautiful salmon coloured (?) (pink)  tulips from my garden

(Salmon is such a difficult colour to define Jennifer! Have I got it right?)

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Mandarin Duck

I love these ducks!  When I first saw one years ago in central London I couldn’t believe it was real!  They look like they are carved from wood.

Mandarin Duck Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Threshold

Here is a hole in a tree….

Parakeet Nest

Or is it?  Look closely… there is a little eye looking at you! Continue reading

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Spring Geese

Yesterday was my birthday & I’m beginning to accept that I’m not a spring chicken any more!

These aren't spring chickens either!

These aren’t spring chickens either!

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I’m starting to sell my photos online!

I know….

You have all been begging me for months!

Please!  Tell us how can we buy your photos Barbara?  (AKA LooneyAtoms)

Well… I’ve put my baby toe in and have opened a Redbubble account!

You can buy Postcards, Cards, Prints, Framed Prints, Mounted Prints, Clothes, iPhone Cases, iPod Cases, Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases, iPad Cases, & Posters!!

I think I know where I will be getting all my cards from, from now on!

Has anyone had any experience with Redbubble?  What do you think?  I’ve also got some of my photos on ViewBug… but it’s hard to find them without an account :-(

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Weekly Photo Challenge; Street Life

I’ve been waiting to share these photos!

Pianos on the sidewalk!

Pianos on the side-walk!

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Weekly Pet Challenge

When we arrived in Perth, I think we expected to see Kangaroos all over the place, wandering around the land beside the airport… in empty spaces, in parks.  We were very disappointed not to find any at all :-( Continue reading

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